Packaging & Shipping

Offering sustainable packaging to consumers is a #1 priority of the U.S. retail industry. That’s because sustainable packaging saves money, reduces waste, uses resources responsibly and makes the consumer happy. It’s an initiative the benefits manufacturers, retailers and consumers – a triple win.

Almost every retailer in our network is engaged in a sustainable packaging initiative. Initiatives vary by retailer but they all add up to having a big impact on the environment. Here are just two examples of retailer packaging initiatives:

[By reducing] the packaging used to ship merchandise to our stores…by raising the number of units in a carton from one to two, we could substantially decrease the amount of packaging and increase the benefits to the environment. – Soft Goods Retailer

Reduce polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic in our products and packaging…we also updated several packaging items to be PVC-free, including…redesigning our alarm clocks from PVC clamshell to a corrugated box, and redesigning drapery holdback packages from a PVC box to a corrugated tray box. These changes eliminate more than 300,000 pounds of PVC per year. – Discount Retailer
In both of these examples, the retailer worked with the manufacturer to improve the sustainability of the packaging. itg has years of experience helping manufacturers improve their package design and is actively engaged with its client manufacturers to meet retailer demand for more sustainable packaging. Call itg today and put your company and its products on the fast track for sustainable packaging.