Materials are at the core of the manufacturing process. Raw materials extracted from the earth and man-made materials derived from complex chemical processes are combined together to make the products we use every day. But today’s consumers are increasingly concerned with how products are made and where they come from. This is especially true for products that come into direct contact with more sensitive customers like kids and pets.   

Manufacturers are changing their processes to meet consumer demand for more environmentally responsible product but clearly communicating what goes into a product and what makes it “green” can be challenging.  

Let itg be your guide to communicating the safety and sustainability of your product and manufacturing processes. We monitor federal guidelines for product safety and green marketing, making sure your company is in good standing with our government. We can also help our clients select the eco-label that best communicates a product’s sustainability criteria.

Finally, we help our client manufacturer’s clients understand the lifecycle of their products and can identify where small changes in material usage can make a big difference in getting your product ahead in the market.