itg supports our client manufacturers with the strategy and resources to bring environmentally and socially responsible products to U.S. consumers. We do this by aligning our client manufacturers’ products and services with the sustainability goals and objectives of U.S. retailers.

Over the past 10 years, the companies in our Retail Network (link to Retail Network) have been adopting comprehensive sustainability strategies that are good for business and for the planet. Today these retailers are pushing manufacturers in their supply chain to look at the impact of their processes and products on the environment and society.

Manufacturers are being evaluated in areas like energy & climate, materials, packaging, transportation and the treatment of employees. If you are a manufacturer looking to sell your products into the U.S. retailer market, don’t be caught without a sustainability plan. itg can help you navigate the market and position your product for success by meeting retailers’ sustainability goals.

Sustainability is here to Stay

In response to consumer demand for more products that are manufactured in an environmentally and socially responsible way major retailers are setting the sustainability standard for manufacturers and their products.

“Customers want products that are more efficient, that last longer and perform better…and increasingly they want information about the entire lifecycle of a product so they can feel good about buying it. They want to know that the materials in the product are safe, that it was made well and that it was produced in a responsible way. We do not see this as a trend that will fade.” – Mike Duke, President & CEO, Walmart.

At itg, we help our manufacturing clients understand these key retailer and consumer trends. We believe sustainability is here to stay and that it is an opportunity for our clients to excel in the marketplace.

Our Commitment

itg recognizes the importance of conserving natural resources, supporting the communities where we do business, and increasing awareness of our collective impact on the planet.  As a company, we strive to conduct our operations in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Organizations We Support

IGI is a non-profit organization based on Martha’s Vineyard that works to grow community through sustainable agriculture, local food advocacy and education.

IGI strives to increase both the supply and demand of locally grown food for the health of the environment and the community through their eight core programs: Island Grown Schools, their farm-to-school program, Island Grown Meat, Island Grown Poultry, Island Grown Bees, Island Grown Gleaning, Island Grown Farm, Island Grown Water and Island Grown Apprentice.”