Licensing, Brand Management, and Product Development

itg provides the full range of services to support the development of your brand and placement of your products. We prepare your company for the North American retail market and North American consumers.

License, Patent, Trademark, and Brand Registration

itg will manage the process required for the registering and trademark of your brand. We work with our law firm affiliates in Washington, DC to file the appropriate applications and work with the U.S. Patent, Copyright and Trademark Departments to legally file your patent designs and brand trademarks.

Global Product Testing

itg will coordinate with one of several worldwide Independent Testing Labs (Merchandise Testing Lab, British Standards Institute, Inspection and Engineering Services, Technical Standards Lab, Intertek Testing Services, etc.)to develop product protocols for testing, organize test results, and monitor the testing process to its conclusion.

Private Label Brand Development

We work closely with big box retailers branding departments to build a private label brand identity for your products. itg will ensure that your products and packaging meet the strict brand requirements set by these major retailers. Utilizing our high speed technologies and video conferencing hardware, itg will efficiently transmit the necessary graphics files, accelerating the packaging approval process.