Quick Tips for Successful Package Design

Of the thousands of new products introduced by consumer packaged goods companies every year, most fail. Focusing primarily on pricing, marketing communication, strategy, and promotional activities, little or no attention is given to the role that packaging plays in a product’s success or failure.

One of the worst fates a package can suffer is to be rushed. Early discussions with your packaging manufacturer can positively affect the package design and increase the chances of product success. When packages do not meet performance expectations or have structural deficiencies that could have been avoided, disappointment will occur. With proper planning, all package performance, merchandising, and brand objectives can be met.

What is the Best Package Design?

The best package design not only complements and protects the product it contains, but also performs the necessary transportation and retail objectives for a product. Great package design can influence a shopper’s purchase at the point of sale. Shape, size, color, and material use all factor into a good package design.

Secondary considerations to the package design are the merchandising systems and any retail requirements a package may have. Too often, the package design is missing one or more of the functional requirements and that omission leads to a lackluster experience for the consumer or a disappointing performance for the retailer.

Having a packaging professional who has a clear understanding of the category and competitive landscape will increase your potential for a successful package. When all packaging functions and the environment are considered with package development, packaging has the potential to influence the buying decisions of the consumer.

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Bob Kollet is the Director of Merchandising and In-Store Services for The International Trade Group, a full service, end-to-end sales and marketing firm that provides global manufacturers with a step by step process designed to bring their products to the North America Retail Markets. itg offers global manufacturers logistical, tactical, and sales marketing expertise in retail consumer package goods and commercial professional classes of trade. itg guides manufacturers the total selling process to ensure your products reach the shelves of all types of North America retailers and the shopping carts of their customers. Bob can be reached at 410-741-1644 or at rjkollet@itgsourcing.com.