Easy Grip Composite Snow Chains

Easy Grip ® is the ideal solution to increase safety in difficult driving conditions, such as snow, slush, ice, etc. Co-developed with Michelin, Easy Grip® is the first composite snow chain to be approved as an anti-skid device which guarantees starting, road handling, and braking of the vehicle in compliance with the Ministry of transport order.

• Easy to fit. Mountable/removable in just 2 minutes
• Interior elastic band to simplify fitting
• Ideal for vehicles with a reduced wheel house
• Exclusive composite netting structure gives extra tread design to avoid skidding on snow
• Metallic clips on tire grid give extreme grip on ice
• Reinforced structure for extreme durability
• Optimum braking and control on slippery surfaces
• Night vision security reflective system to increase lateral visibility in the dark
• Compatible with both ABS and ESP devices
• Ideal for use with cars, 4 x 4s, camping cars & vans