Quick Tips for Successful Package Design

Of the thousands of new products introduced by consumer packaged goods companies every year, most fail. Focusing primarily on pricing, marketing communication, strategy, and promotional activities, little or no attention is given to the role that packaging plays in a product’s success or failure.

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Selling the Big Box Retailers In Today’s Economy

Selling to North American big box retailers comes down to one word, PRICE! Cost of goods price, retail price, etc. – whatever the case is, it will continue to be price that dives sourcing and price that drives retail sales value to consumers for many years to come! Since the financial debacle (or “correction” depending […]

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Maneuvering the Product On-boarding Maze with Retailers

Many suppliers think that once a buyer wants their goods, the hard part is over. Unfortunately, this short sighted thinking causes long term problems for the company. Sales is only the first step in the process to place goods. Retailers have a complex hierarchy of onboarding systems that encompass everything from insurance and transportation to […]

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More Time for Fun with “Frustration Free” Packaging

Amazon revolutionized the on-line shopping experience and it looks like they might just do the same for sustainable packaging. The company calls it “Frustration Free Packaging” and the name says it all…but so does this short video on the company’s website. By dramatically reducing the packaging of the product, Amazon reduces waste, lowers shipping costs […]

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Counting Carbon with the CDP

“So…what’s your carbon footprint?” If you are an international manufacturer that can’t answer this question, its time to start figuring out how to get this information. That’s because the international companies that purchase your products and services are measuring and disclosing their greenhouse gas emissions and they are about to ask you to do the […]

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